iron grip and empty lungs

from by i invent



Now that the slate is wiped clean
Free of error
Free of fault
I feel no semblance of pain
Guilt or shame

Carnage words can’t describe
Barely a ground left to walk upon
Mountains are made out of less
I’ll rebuild it with my bare hands

What was the purpose?
What can I do?
Where can we go from here when I was the cause?

Now that life support is failing
Every strand of the safety net is cut
I’ll find a better way
I know a better way to fight for it
Kicking and screaming
This fault is not my own
This fault is all of our hatred and ignorance
We never mattered
The battle may be lost
I won’t go down in vain

Paint the walls
We need this story told
I’m not the one to live with it
But I’ll always be the one to know how all these chapters close
History will not be kind when it does not exist

Don’t blame me for good intentions
Who could really save the world from us?
Let it go
Watch it die

Weight of the world flaying flesh from my body
All my hope is fucking gone
We’re all traitors
Unconventional traitors


from chasm i, released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


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